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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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i'm running for president of the united states. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton face-off in florida. >> with -- a misrepresentation can't go unanswered. >> a debate dominated by issues
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that impact immigrants. >> we need competence of reform. >> i do not want to see them deported. >> after sanders upset win in michigan -- >> it was a very close race. we've had some of those. >> it is an unexpectedly tight race for the democratic presidential nomination. >> it's just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics. >> after that loss in michigan, hillary clinton was on the attack tonight. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm keba arnold in for julie haener. clinton criticized sanders saying sometimes he is too far to the left. the delicate count shows clinton with a comfortable lead , 1223 to 574. she has been unable to shake sanders in recent days, his campaign seems to have gained momentum. >> ross palombo is in south florida for the debate. he joins us live from miami dade college.
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>> reporter: for decades the number 1 issue in south florida has been immigration. tonight's debate focused primarily on that. but it began with the stunning victory by bernie sanders in michigan just the other day. also took a bizarre turn when they discussed renewed controversy over hillary clinton's email scandals. the language may have been different. but the question and answers were just as loud, just as clear. >> aye one -- aye -- i won one of the contests. >> reporter: the stunning win in michigan after polls originally had hillary clinton up by as many as 27 points. >> it was a very close race. i've won some and lost some. >> reporter: then the continuing political loss over her emails after the party filed suit demanding more. >> if you get indicted, will you dropout? >> it's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that. >> i'm going to focus on the
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issues facing working families of this country. [ cheering ] >> reporter: the primary working-class issue in florida is race and immigration and as it turns out, donald trump. >> is donald trump a racist? >> you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great. >> reporter: the most touching moment? this woman coming with her five children to ask about deporting and dividing families. >> man, i will do everything that i can to unite your family, your children deserve -- >> and i will absolutely protect your children, yourself and try to bring your family back together. >> reporter: also the issue of cuba. >> the cuban people deserve to have their human rights respected and upheld. >> reporter: the supreme court. >> no state understands this better than florida. let's remember three words. bush versus gore.
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>> you are looking at the senator who introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation in the history of the united states senate. >> reporter: here in florida with so many of immigrants with hispanic voters outnumbering registered voters 3 to 1, the primary issue is always about the climate towards them. >> i am committed to introducing comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship in the first 100 days. >> if the congress does not do its job, as president of the united states, i will use the executive powers to do what has to be done, to do what president obama did and expand on that. >> reporter: well, one of the more stunning moments of the night was when the moderators got bernie sanders and hillary clinton both to pledge not to deport anyone, any child or adult unless they have criminal background. the florida primary is coming
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up on tuesday. 246 delegates are at stake, the fourth-largest prize in the entire country. >> lots of fireworks there tonight, ross palombo life in miami, thank you. now to some analysis of tonight's debate, joining us once again, james taylor professor of politics at university of san francisco. >> and from petaluma, brian sobel, political analyst. brian, let's start with you, bernie sanders seemed to have a bit of a swagger tonight after that we in michigan. but the talking points were still the same. did anything stand out to you tonight? are you ready to declare either one a winner? >> no. i think it was an excellent debate. it is in marked contrast between the substance that your hearing in the democratic debates and the republican debates. maybe hillary by a little bit tonight, but practically, that even. on that subject of immigration, and the pledge to both candidates making tonight, much
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different than what you're going to get from the republicans. and a huge dividing line between those two parties. >> james -- bernie sanders is way behind in florida. did he help himself at all? did he build at all on the momentum from winning that upset when? >> i don't know if he can help himself that much in florida. the demographics in florida are more centered to hillary and southern votes in general. i think bernie again is definitely on the right path. he is definitely shocking the political world with his own expected victory in michigan. he certainly can continue to do well in the midwest. he has to continue with his message and continue to reiterate hillary clinton's compromise positions in wall street, tonight we saw a lot of discussion about the ways in which both candidates are going back and forth on their various positions. so i think both people -- i agree with brian, both candidates -- if i was to look at people's responses in general to the republican candidates, very negative.
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the democrats, people are much more inclined to see these people as -- out of the 400 million americans, are these the two best we can get? tonight on the stage, with clinton and sanders, you could say yes. two of the best we could produce. >> brian, seems like one of hillary's main problems is do people trust her? is she trustworthy? when she was asked about that tonight she said quote, i am not a natural politician like my husband or president obama. does that ring true to you and what do you think she was trying to say there? >> i think she is trying to point out that her husband -- she isn't barack obama, but i don't know about that. she's been in the spotlight for a very very long time. and she's having real trouble with this whole trust question. she is still looking for the right answer and testing that.
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i don't think she's got it yet. >> james, back to you, interesting moment when bernie sanders says madam secretary, i will match my record against your record any day of the week. was there a moment for either candidate that stood out for you tonight? >> i wouldn't say there was a moment where anyone hit a home run or created a headline. the moment of the guatemalan mother with her five children mostly girls sitting there listening to these americans talk about the plight of their future and their father, such a powerful thing that so many people even though we're not talking about mass incarceration tonight's debate, it resounds with the same reality that many young people feel and confront of being without a father or a mother as a consequence of immigration policy. to have their children front and center, can you imagine -- i'm not on the side of the republicans or democrats -- can you imagine if they were five children in the front row talking about immigration and trying to ask a question at a trump rally? so powerful compassion from the
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democrats on that question. >> still much more voted to come, brian sobel, james taylor, thank you both for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. several local groups hosted a debate watch party in san francisco. supporters of clinton and sanders came together to watch the candidates face-off. the party had a march madness theme, if you will, supporters filled out their brackets keeping track of points scored by each candidate during the debate. >> tomorrow is the republican turn, the four remaining candidates are fit -- set to face off in miami, home turf of marco rubio. so far rubio has only won in minnesota and in the territory of puerto rico. he is a distant third in the delegate count, donald trump is fresh off victories in michigan, mississippi, hawaii, ted cruz won in idaho. governor john kasich currently last in the delegate count, hoping to win in his home state
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of ohio. that is on march 15. carly fiorina endorsed ted cruz today, the rally in florida, she said it is time to unite behind ted cruz, she said that ted cruz is the only candidate who can keep donald trump out of the white house. fiorina is the former ceo of hewlett-packard, she dropped out four weeks ago after a poor showing in new hampshire. stay with ktvu this election here on air and online, we will keep you up-to- the-minute on the race to president. new development in san leandro, police announced an arrest in a case involving racist graffiti that someone spray-painted on the doors of the school district office building. ktvu's rob roth tells us the suspect is a 21-year-old white man from san leandro. >> reporter: hate-filled message on the main door to a unified school district office on juniper street, but the emotional stage remains for parents and police. >> we are investigating a horrible crime. >> reporter: this is what employees saw monday morning.
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ktvu has blurred out the offenses parts. in addition to the words, there are satanic symbols spray- painted across the door. the office is next door to an elementary school. parents say their first learned about it from facebook. >> that's really sad, somewhere at an educational place like facility, for kids to maybe see that. it's really ignorant that. >> reporter: officers didn't see the graffiti until the school district called monday. investigators told us they identified the suspect after it was brought in on unrelated charges. >> found him less than a half- mile away writing down the street, on a bmx bicycle that appears to have been freshly painted within the past few days with red and white spray paint, the exact same colors that were used in this hate graffiti. >> reporter: the school district issued a statement saying it takes hateful
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messages very seriously. police are unaware of racial tensions in town. >> we want this community to come together. >> reporter: police have not revealed a motive. they say they will be forwarding the case to the allegheny -- alameda county district attorney. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a train car on its side in the water and in the darkness. at 10:30, hear from some of the first people on the scene as they tried to rescue. both commutes get wet, isleton of the rain showers and let me know how much you could see in your backyard. i want to show you some cutting edge technology.
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umbrellas came as a light rain fell, this is just the beginning. significant storms on the horizon. >> rain, winds and rising rivers. let's check in with bill martin, we have some hot weather coming. >> definitely rain in the forecast. it is going to be heavy out there, especially as we head into tomorrow morning and evening. atmospheric river set up across the dateline, hawaiian islands, gets in here, the last couple days, but the dynamics show up tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon and beyond. this is why the national weather service has issued a flood watch for the entire bay
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area, not just for tomorrow but through sunday afternoon. and evening. it's going to be a wet period coming up especially tomorrow, friday, and the bay area week. moisture, a glance at what this model does with the rain, brings it in the north bay, wet in the north bay, heaviest rain moves across the bay area, central bay area about 1:00. >> bill, thank you. now to debora villalon in sonoma county where the russian river may hit flood stage before the weekend is over. deborah? >> reporter: heavy rain not only fills the river but drives run off into the creeks like this one. and they can overflow their banks. expectations are high out here, that this will be the most challenging bout so far. >> if he gets 233, then it's going to be over here. >> reporter: people who live near the river know just where it is at each stage. >> at the very bottom.
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>> reporter: heavy rain in the forecast could push the river level to almost 32 feet. flood stage by saturday morning. >> well, we're ready. if it goes up, we've got the generators and if the freezer goes out, barbecues and get their canoes. it's that bad. >> reporter: local fire departments are checking their both should they need to make swift water rescues. the advice for those -- >> plan early. you don't want to stay -- whatever you think you might need for a few days and then leave. something where you think you might stay, if you decide to stay, you have enough water and food, stay in your residence for several days until the water recedes. >> we're at 14 to 15 feet. >> reporter: real-time water levels and predicted spike are being watched closely at resorts. although many like this one ravaged by flooding in decades past have raised their cabins
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out of the river's reach. >> we have to do it. we have to respect the river. you know? it was here first. >> reporter: all 28 units elevated except the original building where in 1986, water swallowed these stairs. >> it didn't do it rapidly. it rained and rained. >> reporter: that was the worst flood on record, the russian river went to almost 49 feet, four times what it is now. >> the bridge is 10 feet above the river usually. >> reporter: still bigger than it's been all winter. a healthy river, most folks are happy to see. as for the floods? >> if it happens, it happens. if it doesn't, it doesn't. i'm not going to move. take it as it is. we've still got some are coming. >> it is beautiful out here. >> reporter: the red words are another -- the redwoods are another worry. back alive, we're seeing trees here in the waterway obstructing some of the water flows which can also cause the creeks to come up over their
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banks, there are also branches, they called in window makers. broken branches up high in the trees, why stop there, they can come down at any time. in fact, that couple told me the winds came down through the roof and pierced the ceiling while they were in the room. pretty scary. >> how close is the russian river right now? to flood stage? >> reporter: when we looked tonight it was at 15 feet. it's nowhere close but if a lot of rain falls and falls fast and the creeks come up and the river rises fast, faster than it can accommodate the flow, that's how it can't -- could come to 30 or more. 35 by saturday. comes up fast and continues to come up for a couple days, then the runoff continues to pour in. >> from 15 feet to 35 feet in a matter of days. >> reporter: hard to imagine. >> debora villalon, thank you. a reminder you can turn to the ktvu weather app to get
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live radar as well as forecasts and warnings in anytime you want. highway patrol is warning drivers about a hazard on highway 101 in san francisco tonight. chp posted this photo here on twitter showing the sinkhole on the cesar chavez off ramp from southbound 101, no word yet on what caused the pavement to collapse but police are urging drivers to use different routes until crews can repair the damage. bart police released video of a man who they say shot and killed a passenger onboard a bart train two months ago. the footage, here it is, take a close look, shows the man walking on a bart platform and then leaving the west oakland station on the night of january 9. investigators say moments before, he shot and killed 19- year-old carlos romero inside a bart train. previously investigators only released grainy still images of the suspect. police haven't been able to identify the man in the video. they are hoping someone watching will recognize him. he's between six feet and
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6'4", with short hair or balls and a slim build. the bart police department is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. a man spoke publicly for the first time saying he was sexually abused for years by his parents who adopted him. ktvu's maureen naylor spoke with him and his attorney who calls it the most outrageous abuse case he has ever seen. >> reporter: a los gatos man says what happened inside his home is worth in a nightmare. dennis led say he endured -- dennis flynn say he endured 10 years of continuous sexual abuse. after ralph and caroline flint adopted him from russia at the age of nine. >> after that, he invited me into the bedroom and i knew from the beginning it was wrong. but fear took over. >> reporter: they were arrested earlier this year and face criminal charges. inside the home next to
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lexington reservoir, dennis says the sexual abuse went from a few times a month to a daily occurrence. >> he would come in uninvited. without my consent. and no matter how many times i would say, please leave me alone, i need my rest, i do my sleep, he demanded and said, this will take only a few minutes. >> the most outrageous case of child abuse that i have seen in 40 years of practice. >> reporter: the attorney filed this lawsuit yesterday with 44 counts including sexual assault and battery, sexual expedition, false investment, and human trafficking. >> for this adult male who worked him over hard, then by age 15, the female joined in, totally outrageous. >> reporter: we reached out to the couple's attorneys in the criminal case. they told us a gag order prevents them from talking but they say they will vigorously defend the case. dennis is speaking out in hopes of encouraging other victims to bring justice.
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>> for a long time, they told me that what they did was right. what they did was out of love and i had to relearn what love really is. >> reporter: in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. ahead tonight at 10:30, hear from first responders on the scene after a train derailed in niles county. pretty chaotic scene when we first got there. >> the search for passengers in the darkness and who they credit with acting bravely. the warriors steph curry did it again tonight, banking in a half-court buzzer beater to close out the first half. ktvu's joe's for -- giovanni says it is highlight city tonight. -- joe fonzie says it is highlight city tonight.
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the dean of uc berkeley school of law is taking a leave of absence after being named in a sexual harassment lawsuit. the dean and -- the executive assistant is accusing him of touching her inappropriately. the lawsuit claims the behavior shortly after he became dean of the law school in 2014 and it took place almost on a daily basis. in a university report, she claims the gestured -- he claims they were not sexual. he denied that it happened almost every day and said it was once or twice a week at most. in the south bay another case involving accusations of inappropriate behavior. a police dispatcher is bringing a civil lawsuit against the city of mountain view and its police chief. new at 10, azenith smith is in mountain view and tells us dispatcher is seeking at least $1 million here. azenith? >> reporter: she also wants her job back after she was placed
10:26 pm
on leave last year. according to this lawsuit, 38- year-old andy lohman says she dealt with gender discrimination and retaliation while working with the police department. >> disgusting, nasty behavior that has -- the city of mountain view ought to do something about it. >> reporter: strong words from jim mcmanus who is representing a -- seen here on the mountain view police facebook page. she alleges in 2005 when she was a dispatcher, she was subjected to exclusive -- explicit banter and simulated sexual acts. >> all of this -- boys will be boys, sexual conduct, which as i said at some point, became more than she could tolerate. >> reporter: the lawsuit contends mountain view police chief max bodle, swat team
10:27 pm
leader, did nothing to stop the behavior when lohman wanted no part of it, her lawyer says she was faced with retaliation and complaints to human resources turned up nothing. in response, on tuesday, mountain view city manager issued an open letter to the community where he acknowledged past behavior by some of the police department employees was inconsistent with the standards accepted from employees. however the letter went on to say independent investigator found lohman's claims were not supported by the facts. >> i'm proud to live in mountain view so anytime mountain view's name is brought up in the context of sexual harassment it raises concerns. >> reporter: longtime resident brenda stout says while this lawsuit is concerning, she finds it encouraging the city is now implementing additional training or police staff. >> i don't think it's unique to the mountain view police department. things like this do exist. i don't know if it's true for mountain view but it is to be thoroughly investigated.
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>> reporter: this case is scheduled to go to court in july. it is then when a judge could decide if this should go to trial. >> azenith smith in mountain view, thank you. a self driving car versus a bus. the first video of the accident and google's admission about the mishap. never been inside of a train that's been on its side. >> up next, hearing from some of the first responders to the derailed commuter train. hear why it is a knife they will never forget.
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♪ let's go ♪ hey, oh ♪ let's go [ beep ] ♪ they're piling in the backseat ♪
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aah! ♪ they're generating steam heat ♪ ♪ pulsating to the back beat ♪ the blitzkrieg bop ♪ ♪ hey, oh, let's go ♪ shoot 'em in the back now ♪ what they want, i don't know ♪ they're all revved up and ready to go ♪ ace trains running between san jose and stockton again for the first time since monday's derailment which injured nine passengers. ridership was down 20% during the morning runs from stockton. trains are going just 10 miles an hour through niles canyon where the derailment took
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place. speed limit there is actually 40. we spoke with three of the first responders to arrive on the scene at that train derailment. >> they described an unforgettable night helping passengers and rescuing and -- rescuing the injured. new at 10, ktvu's amber lee was there with a remarkable story live outside and alameda county fire station. >> reporter: we're at fire station number 24 here in unincorporated san leandro. this is where some of the first responders were when they answered the call they say they will never forget. >> this is going to be a passenger train. >> we climbed inside. i've never been inside of a train that's been on its side. >> reporter: photos of the fire captain, said anderson and his team as they search for victims monday night. >> really surreal walking through this train. realizing that it's on its side and knowing that people are
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getting hurt inside. >> reporter: the fire crew went through each train car starting with the one that fell into the great. >> we're slipping, we're having to walk around the glass windows and not fall through the windows. >> you could see the windows, the dirt and debris. >> reporter: jeff graham tells me he has never experienced anything like this in his 28 years with the department. >> i saw a wall of people walking towards me. couldn't see them until they were right in front of us. >> you could hear people yelling at us, we saw a guy on top of the kaehne. >> reporter: justin brennan tells us he and his partner were the first to arrive on the scene. >> a pretty chaotic scene when we first got there. >> reporter: in order to get to the cars, brandon found an access road that had a locked gate. >> we had bolt cutters that deputies used to go through. they removed chain and then drove parkway and then we had to run the rest of the way. >> reporter: inside the car in the creek, brandon found nine passengers. >> shattered glass everywhere.
10:33 pm
dirt and debris, chaos everywhere. >> reporter: and a woman pinned down by the mud. >> able to carry her out and maneuver her through the train. to get her out. >> reporter: deputy says he doesn't consider himself a hero. gives credit to the passengers themselves. >> the ones that stayed back were civilians helping complete strangers. train conductor and engineer were helping people out and they were injured. they had cuts all over. those guys are the real heroes. >> reporter: all three first responders tell me they were just doing their job again, they say it's one of those calls they are not going to forget. live in alameda county, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the damaged a string was towed to a rail yard in fremont. christina rendon tells us investigators and others got an up close look at the damage. >> i'm a trained eye. i like to take train pictures. >> reporter: the main attraction
10:34 pm
is the one derailed ace train, looking through the lens, he zoomed in on the dent and debris. >> the damage is a little more than i thought. the one car that went in the creek, you can see the roof is open. >> reporter: photographers capturing the aftermath. >> what was that like? >> reporter: think the passengers on board. >> i'm imagining the people inside and the fear at that moment. how brave they had to be. to gather their wits to get out of there really quick. >> reporter: close up shots belonged to investigators from the federal railroad administration. they said -- they were touring the rail car looking at broken glass and bloodstains inside. it's believed mudslide brought down a tree on the tracks and caused the train to derail monday night. >> the ultimate goal is to determine exactly what happened , before the train got there, did this line happen when the train was going through? >> reporter: ace is sending the
10:35 pm
train to stockton for further assessment with hopes of putting the most damaged cars back into service. buying a new car takes two years and comes with a $2 million price tag. >> just a matter of doing some rewiring and cleaning, need to replace seats, that is what we're hoping for. >> reporter: the images alone are prove this accident really did and in numerical. >> tragedy enough as it is but no one was seriously injured. >> reporter: ace is not sure how much it's going to cost to repair but they say the windows alone are about $100. imagine the cost is really don't add up. they hope to have a better estimate on damages destry. in fremont, christina rendon, ktvu fox 2 is. a small earthquake rattled livermore area. the quake measured 3.0 and hit around 7:38. it was felt widely from san ramon and tracy but no reports of damage. the u.s. geological survey puts
10:36 pm
the epicenter six miles east, southeast of livermore. you may have heard about it, now we can show you video of a google self driving car that had a bus in mountain view last month. the video is from the bus, you can see google's white lexus suv in the right-hand lane, the lexus then turns right into the bus and hit the side of the bus. the driver and passengers react but no one was hurt. the bus and the google car were damaged. for the first time, google has accepted some of the responsibility. in previous accidents, google blamed other drivers. some young poets shared their work tonight in oakland including the own youth poet laureate. 17-year-old ricardo is one of the young poets whose work appears in the latest edition of 510 journal. back in july, ricardo was named oakland's youth poet laureate and was awarded a $5000 scholarship. tonight ricardo shared a winning pole -- poem that she describes as a story of
10:37 pm
overcoming obstacles and learning self-love. >> one of my goals for being the poet laureate, definitely to some degrees reaching people who i might not have reached on my own. makes me feel really good. i hope i'm inspiring at least one person. >> in addition to the annual competition, oakland's youth poetry program includes year- round workshops, public performances and mentoring for young writers. nancy reagan in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library. the public tributes ahead of her for on friday. we talked about thursday, now we push into friday and the weekend. significant rain headed our way.
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we have developing news out of pennsylvania tonight where five people are reported dead in a mass shooting. it happened about 2.5 hours ago east of pittsburg in the city of wilkinsburg. a sheriff's office all is describing it as a quote, ambush style shooting during a backyard party. two gunmen are set to be at large. in addition to the five people killed, three others were taken to the hospital and two of them were in critical condition.
10:41 pm
investigators say the gunman just barged into the party, opened fire and then took off running. initial reports indicate that four men and one woman were killed. officials at san jose state have released new details about an attack inside the campus library late last night. officials say kenneth stewart went into a women's restroom in the martin luther king junior library and tried to assault 56- year-old woman. when she screamed, another woman ran into the bathroom and helped chase the suspect away. canvas police say they saw a man running and caught stewart outside library. neither were hurt, students say they stay alert using the library at night. >> sometimes i go and study at night, for finals or midterms. but i do -- i'm very aware because there is like, homeless people there and sketchy people . so you have to know what
10:42 pm
you're going to. because it is a public library. >> the university says it is working to make that area safer including moving shelving units near the bathroom entrance to make it more open and visible. police say neither the victim nor the suspect are affiliated with the school. a farewell to a former first lady. the public viewing now underway, the nation remembers nancy reagan. >> and bill martin's forecast for the wet weekend ahead.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
the american public is saying goodbye to nancy reagan after her death on sunday at the age of 94. today hundreds of people paid tribute to her in southern california. fox news reporter adam housley is at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley with more. >> reporter: a farewell to a former first lady as three days
10:45 pm
of solemn ceremonies and public mourning for nancy reagan began with a motorcade to the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. american flags lining the driveway that leads to reagan's final resting place alongside her husband. honor guard welcomed her casket into the library's courtyard and then lobby where she will lie in repose for two days. even the smallest details planned by the first lady herself. >> she was intimately involved from who the guests were to the pallbearer, the people reading during the program, everything down to the flowers. so we're following her orders right now. to make sure she has the funeral discerner recover. >> reporter: members of the family, close friends along with special guests including house speaker paul ryan got to pay their respects first. a former advisor said she looked forward to the day she would be reunited with her beloved ronnie. >> she told people they say it gets easier with time. but it doesn't.
10:46 pm
he said this never left her. she was sad and i think in a way she was ready. >> reporter: the casket viewing than open to the public will have an opportunity to say goodbye over two days. >> both had so many people, the governor years, presidential years and beyond. making sure that everyone who should be here can be here. >> she was a beautiful woman, she loved her husband, she brought class to the white house. >> i reviewed the reagan administration. i grew up with it. it's important to pass down to my kids. >> reporter: more than 1000 people have passed by already. the library has added six buses and extended hours both days to meet the demand. besides the growing list of political bigwigs, the hollywood starlets continue -- star list continues to grow. tom selleck and mr. tea. in simi valley, adam housley, fox news. tracking some weather in here on thursday and friday and
10:47 pm
into the weekend, but thursday and friday are going to have the biggest pop. storm number 1 -- if we're going to number these in particular, number 1 comes in tomorrow morning and afternoon commute. friday morning commute looks wet, afternoon not as bad. could see 5 to 6 inches of rain in the russian river area up there where the heaviest rains will be in the north bay. this flash flood watch impressive not because of this issue, we had rain last week, it's impressive because they've issued it to last through sunday evening. anticipating heavy rains friday and saturday and continue showers. there's that little moisture, that goes back to the dateline and streams up into the west coast with its focused right on the north bay. they can see already showers showing up without any dynamics north of the area, sprinkling a shower around here as well again, it's the warm moist air triggering showers up against the hills. thursday's storm moves in tomorrow morning, you'll notice the showers right -- arrived
10:48 pm
bright and early, they linger into friday morning. storm number 2 has got the front with it, strongest dynamic, wind with that one, stronger gusty winds and a frontal passage, by -- by friday afternoon, we're going to get a break out there. so here's how it breaks down, san francisco tomorrow morning, what commute, how it goes in the afternoon, wet afternoon drive. here we go in the far afternoon, and it is wet all day tomorrow. a couple inches rain up in san rafael, might see five inches up in the areas north of jenner. tomorrow morning, look at this, san jose is out of it, all day, san jose, 1:00, still raining in the north bay, san jose nothing yet. 6:00, san jose is drive. it's been raining here all day. that's how the model planes it out. now into the late-night hours, 4:00 a.m. friday, moves into the south bay, friday morning commute, here comes the fun. noontime frontal passage, you get a little break in the
10:49 pm
afternoon, more behind that as we head into saturday and sunday, not as powerful. so it's going to be interesting tomorrow has more showers -- the north bay is going to get hit hard. that's why we had deborah up on the russian river, the river forecast center saying this is going to go up to about 31.5 feet, flood stage 32 feet. with that, the front is going to linger up there so the rainfall rates, a half foot of rain in the next 36 hours. on top of the other 10 inches they had last weekend. >> active weekend. >> active weekend especially on sunday. the river is slow to come up. russian river saturday and sunday. >> thank you. sports is next, warriors added another game to their record winning streak at home, joe fonzi says it is highlight city.
10:50 pm
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joe fonzi with us now for sports. highlight city? >> have we seen this before? a warrior win. warriors play the majority of the remaining season at home, all year long, that has meant one more in the win column. back to their true style of basketball, tonight is utah, the epitome of what they're about, steph curry with the steal, behind the back to draymond green, two of his 17 points, just like they drew it up. 10 assists for steph. look at this one, on the lob to
10:53 pm
andrew bogut. 36 assists for the warriors. the passing incredible, anderson varejao to iguodala to barbosa. barbosa hit for 13 and vintage curry here, time running out in the first half, let's it fly from behind the half-court line, it goes in off the glass. to beat the buzzer, to make a shot like that, just dropped the microphone and get off the stage. the show continued in the second half, green behind the back to marreese speights for three, good for 16 off the bench. now the warriors are in bounding with 1.6 left in the third quarter. marreese speights throws a touchdown pass to barbosa. the warriors runway, 115-94. 46 straight home wins, 57-6. their margin over san antonio, 3.5 games. tough times for bay area college basketball coaches, earlier this week center clara
10:54 pm
fired their coach. usf fired rex walters after eight seasons. his time in san francisco not bad, not especially good. the dons were 15-15 this year, during walters tenure, they were 127-127. another coach who might be on the hot seat is johnny dawkins. the cardinal got run out of its first-round game today in the pac-12 tournament against washington. one minute left, huskies run the floor after a turnover, andrew andrews, love the name, washington led 50-22 at the half. more of the same, murray on the assistant to marquise chris, one and out for stanford, down big 91-68. cal opens play tomorrow against oregon state. the raiders were a franchise headed in the right direction at the conclusion of the 2015 season. oakland added a key player today, after four years with the seahawks, bruce irvin has agreed to a new four-year deal with oakland. irvin, the raiders get a guy who had 22 sacks in his time with seattle, 5.5 this past
10:55 pm
season, the former first-round draft pick who should provide a nice one-two punch along with khalil mack. spring-training games are underway in the arizona desert. the giants got their first look at a high-profile off-season acquisition has mark ibanez updates us from a scottsdale landmark. >> reporter: historically, this is a happening place where fans go to talk baseball. today, the discussion centered around the giants debut of right-hander johnny cueto. their $130 million off-season signing, got roughed up by the colorado rockies. giving up five runs in just 1.1 innings. here is what the newcomer had to say afterwards. >> i think the giants signed me for that amount of money because that's what they felt i was worth. like you said, there's no pressure, we just have to hope that the rotation stays healthy and we can contend. >> reporter: the diamondbacks offered 160 million. you signed for 130.
10:56 pm
is that true? >> who? >> he wants to know who told you that. >> that's what was reported. >> never. [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: if they would have offered me that, i would have taken it. [ laughter ] >> reporter: there you go. spring-training always very relaxed. so -- really season, it's got to get a whole lot better for johnny cueto or it's going to get very tense in a hurry. tomorrow, equal time for the a's as they take on the duchess, we'll have a full report from mesa. in the meantime from the pony in scottsdale, mark ibanez for fox news. 12-3 winners over the white sox. >> i did something wrong when i was in arizona. i went to the stadium. >> i know. >> he's all over the place. lots of fun. thank you for joining us tonight. "mornings on 2" coming up tomorrow morning. if you missed any portion of the newscast, catch the rebroadcast starting right now on tv 36.
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